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Activly is always looking for and developing new ways to get people motivated to be active. We want everyone to be able to exercise their bodies, no matter their background or experience at the gym. 

Through research and surveys we found out that by making the workout experience more diverse, social, and easy, we could motivate people to be consistent and see the results, and that is what Activly is all about.

We are creating a platform that centralizes the fitness experience, allowing users to access fitness workouts from their favorite brands and influencers and connecting to different fitness communities. 

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Our Vision

It all started in college, when Anna Bilha, the CEO and Co-Founder struggled to balance her mental and physical wellbeing with the stress of college and her struggle with her body image. She was able to adhere to a more active lifestyle that helped her dramatically improve her physical and mental health. Not happy with that, she started to help motivate her friends to follow an active lifestyle as well. That was how Sarah Tarta, Financial Lead and Co-Founder, with the help of Anna, was able to take back the control of her mind and body as well. 

During a semester living in San Francisco in a program focused on entrepreneurship and consulting, Anna decided to figure out a way to help others with their fitness journey and make a bigger impact. With her passion for fitness and helping others in mind, she developed a prototype of what would become the Activly App.

Back in Boston, she united forces with Sarah to build Activly. That's when Anna got in touch with Ambra Curetti, a product development expert, who joined the team to found Activly. 


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Anna Bilha
Co-Founder | CEO
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Blake Quarterman 
 Digital Marketing Manager
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Sarah Tarta
Co-Founder | Finance
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Sydney Franklin
Social Media
& Blog Lead 
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Ambra Curetti
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Cecilia Luna
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Quinn Bond
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Connor Skorburg
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