Activly X

College Athletics

Pilot Program

Workout Boarding Process

Answer this questions:

  1. Do you have any pictures or videos of workouts/exercises?
  2. Do you have any workout/exercises document that you share with the athletes?
  3. Do you, or the school have a YouTube Channel?
If you answered YES to any of the questions, talk to your Activly representative or email Here is why:

App Launch

As a participant in th Beta Test, you will be informed of when the app will officially launch on the App Store. Upon launch:

  1. You will be able to share the workout cards with the athletes
  2. Athletes that receive the workout cards will be able to enter information about their workouts, which the Activly Team will send to you
  3. The Activly Team will be in touch to ask questions and gather information about your experience in order to continue the following phases.
You can also join the Beta Community on Facebook!

Control Dashboard

Dashboard for Trainers & Coaches

The Activly Team is working directly with trainers and coaches to develop a customizable platform that allows them to more easily create and share workouts with athletes in groups, receive their information and coordinate practice, training and sports medicine. Some features: •Access Rosters & Add Info •Get Feedback from the Athletes •Align Rehabilitation & Training Schedules on Calendar •Create, Save & Reuse Workouts (Strength and Rehab) •And more...

Tailored For Your Needs

Activly is working directly with trainers and coaches to create the control dashboard for the Activly App. We are uniting functionality and design to make your life easier. In developing our technologies, we acknowledge that coaches and trainers as not as tech-savvy as the athletes and therefore we must make our platforms efficient and easy to use. As we capture information and feedback from the coaches and trainers about both the Activly App and our dashboard mockups, we will actually develop a functional platform tailored to your needs and not complicated (right where function meeets design). Think about it as a blank canvas that can be tailored to the needs of you and your school.

Dashboard Test

After the control dashboard is developed, we will give trainers and coaches access to it in order to test it and make sure it fulfill their needs. In steps to guarantee quality, we will upload the athletes from the different teams to the platform, until all school can benefit from our system.

Exclusive Features for Athletes


Welcome to the Activly Experience. At Activly, we are re-envisioning the way in which trainers and coaches exchange information; create, and share programs with their athletes, and track information back from them.

Activly allows trainers and coaches to coordinate fragmented practices while maintaining cohesion and collecting information.

Learn more about our program by clicking on each section below:

Pre App Launch


Before the Activly App goes live on the App Store, we are letting coaches and trainers join our Beta test to get accustomed to the app and give us feedback. 

Post App Launch


After the App goes live on the App Store, we will start building a control dashboard for trainers and coaches. See below for more information:

Post Dashboard Launch


Continuous Development

Control Dashboard Access

Upon launch, the acess to the control dashboard will be granted to all the trainers and coaches who participate in the feedback phase.

Long-Term Flexibility

What's great about Activly? Activly's platform allows for great flexibility and future developments to continuously benefit not only the athletes, but also coaches, trainers and the general staff at athletic departments. Features can be created, ideas can become reality.


Hello trainers & coaches!