Activly Engaged: Brittany Noelle


From Beauty Pageants to online Personal Training, Brittany Noelle Proves that Fitness is More Than Physical

Michelle Obama once said, "Success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own." Picture this. It's Sunday evening, you've had one too many Kit-Kats, and you find yourself scrolling through Instagram...because that's a perfect time to do so. Your screen is polluted with pictures of washboard abs, bulging biceps, and lean legs. Before you know it, oops, you've done it again! You've spent hours, running down the rabbit hole, convincing yourself what success in fitness looks like. Well, you couldn't be more wrong. First of all, fitness doesn't look like anything. It's a feeling. Second, it looks different for everybody courtesy of genetics. Finally, fitness (a feeling) feels better when you do what's best for you and your body. Just ask Brittany Noelle. She's been a beauty pageant contestant and a bikini competitor, but her biggest competitor to date has been her own misconceptions about fitness. Now, an online personal trainer, she's out to help you get stronger mentally and physically. A size two dress may not fit everyone, but her customized plans do!

Brittany grew up active. She started running track in the second grade. By the time she started high school, she became more interested in nutrition. She started with the basics and replaced soda with water. She also started replacing unhealthier foods with ones that are in the food pyramid. She understood that what you put in your body matters; it can affect your performance, for better or for worse. She discovered weightlifting while attending The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and she suffered from several injuries, as a result to which she responded, "I wasn’t warming up properly, I was trying to increase the amount I was lifting too fast and without working on imbalances. I also wasn’t doing enough recovery work." It prompted her to want to become a physical therapist. However, once her boyfriend, who was a personal trainer, suggested personal training as a career, it was as if a light bulb went off. Once she received her certification, she began working at Equinox as a personal trainer. When she started her Instagram in 2015, her initial goal was to get her name "out there as a fitness and commercial model." It wasn't until an Equinox member suggested that she start posting her workouts online that the trajectory of her career changed to which she said:

I started loving the response I was getting from people who found motivation from my workout ideas. I also found out that I cared less about an agent finding me and more about helping people and making an impact. I realized that I could use my platform to inspire young Black girls (and other people) without needing an agent or the validation of the modeling industry. Coming to the conclusion was the best moment ever! It took so much pressure off to create. Instead of caring about what the industry thought and their standards of fitness and beauty, I started creating based off MY own standard. And creating a new standard of fitness and beauty that my audience could relate to⁣

As her knowledge and passion for fitness grew, so did her goals. Having competed in pageants, she began considering bikini competitions. So, she recruited a coach to help her with posing and stage presence and the rest is history. She competed in three competitions before retiring, and she couldn't be more grateful for the experience. Today Brittany wears many hats. She's a personal trainer, nutrition coach, author, entrepreneur, former Miss Upland in Miss California USA, a former contestant on FOX's Ulitmate Tag, a podcast host, and a role model *cue Alicia Keys' Superwoman.* As much as Brittany has accomplished, she's poised and ready to help her clients achieve more to which she stated, "I do fitness that fits you and your unique lifestyle." Brittany is currently accepting new clients at


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