Activly Engaged: Duo Rêve de Lumière


Fall in Love with Duo Rêve de Lumière, the World's First Aerial Chandelier, and Skate-Straps Duo

Did you know that the origin of Valentine's Day is undetermined? Undetermined as in, no one really knows. There are so many ideas of what it could be floating around out there, like a bubble in a champagne glass. So, how about we add another bubble to your glass? Drink up!

The aerial chandelier and skate-straps duo, better known as Duo Rêve de Lumière consist of Jacqueline Likò & Wagner Ferrè. Their name means dream of light in French. It was inspired by one of their circus instructors at the International Circus School in Cuba, Marbely Frometa ( a coach for Cuban Olympic artistic gymnasts). She commonly referred to them as “sueño de luz,” because of the way the light reflected off of the Swarovski crystals in their chandelier and the passion they demonstrated in their work. However, their passion began long before meeting Marbely.

There once was a woman named Jacqueline. She was an Italian aerial artist on tour with Productora de Sonrisa's, Circo de Los Horrores. Once she laid eyes on Wagner, a professional volleyball player, and model, she:

had this feeling that I had met the one. He had a superhero body and a kinetic smile. He is the best person that I have ever met. He's honest, selfless, has a good heart, and he is a visionary. I'm a better person because of him

The feeling was mutual because Wagner decided to run away and join the circus with Jacqueline; he had zero experience. Their love was strong because according to Wagner, "the circus is hard work, pain, and passion." Their next step was to find adequate instructors because "a good act requires a good coach. Training with another person is hard work; it requires trust, technique, harmony, and you have to make sure that your bodies are in sync." Their first maestro (circus instructor) was a Romanian artist named Daniel Berquiny. He was a circus artist, stuntman, and movie actor. They trained day and night in his circus, located inside a zoo. When asked what was the most valuable lesson that they learned from the critically acclaimed artist, Jacqueline responded, "He gave us the base and the discipline for our act. He taught us an important lesson, the difference between being an artist and a performer." After completing their training with Berquiny, they enrolled in the International Circus School, in Cuba. They experienced multiple different teaching styles from Cirque du Soleil’s Chloé Farah (coach and choreographer), in Paris at the Enacr (École Nationale des Arts du Cirque de Rosny-sous-Bois), Giulio Scatola (choreographer for Zumanity), and World Roller-Skating Champion Alessandro Spigai. To which the duo responded, "We are thankful for all the people that have supported us and helped us grow as artists." After months of blood, sweat, and tears, their act was ready to go live. Since then, the duo has collaborated with international companies and brands such as Productora de Sonrisa, Albacete International Circus Festival, The Vampire Circus, Allstarsusaent, American Express, M.A.C Cosmetics, and dinner shows and galas around the world. They've also performed in noteworthy venues such as in the Canadian castle, Casa Loma, where they performed for the players of the NBA's Toronto Raptors, on a yacht while being suspended in the air on a crane, and above a swimming pool that overlooked the sea to which Jacqueline stated, "We've worked in so many different places and beautiful venues that it's almost impossible to get bored, except for packing. That is very boring." A couple that flies through the sky, on roller skates, for a living. Life might seem similar to a breeze. However, training is just as rigorous as it was on the first day and it's continuous. In fact, the couple trains almost every day and spends at least one month per year training and perfecting new skills and choreography. Don't mistaken, there is blood and sometimes a lot of it. When they're not training together, they're training alone. Jacqueline, who is considered the duo's "flyer," focuses on cardio and flexibility training. That may sound easy, but when was the last time that you successfully touched your toes? Wagner, the duo's "porter" strength trains. Their hard work has paid off because they are athletes of the F.I.S.R (Federation of Italian Roller Skaters). When they're not swinging from a chandelier or rolling around on their rollerskates, they are dancing. A former professional Latin dancer (couple and single),

Jacqueline taught Wagner everything he knows. Although it wasn't hard, since a large portion of Latin culture and dance is chemistry. Something they have plenty of. After speaking to Jacqueline and Wagner, I realized why some relationships last as long as they do. Like their training methods, successful relationships, especially working ones, require strength, flexibility, and endurance. Wagner endured the intense training regime of circus life, something he had never done before. Jacqueline was flexible enough to leave her solo career behind to include the love of her life, Wagner, and they are both strong enough to live and work together on a daily basis. After creating their aerial skate-straps duo act in collaboration with Allstarsusaent, today, you can find the duo training with World

Roller-Skating Champion Alessandro Spigai on their new ground act. It features acrobatic stunts on rollerskates and a two-meter table. However, Duo Rêve de Lumière is currently available for variety, dinner, and theatre shows, cruise ship performances, galas, and luxury events at


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