Activly Engaged: Heather Gillett


Heather Gillett Might As Well Be a Doughnut because she's the Sweetest fitness influencer in the Game

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According to, there are about 340,000 certified professional personal trainers in the United States. That's a lot of people shoving the same message down your throat, one protein shake at a time. The way I see it, there are two types of trainers, a personal trainer and a personal, personal trainer. Heather Gillett is a personal-personal trainer, believing in quality over quantity, which is why she is currently pursuing a Master's degree in health and nutrition. Afterward, she will be ready to take on her first clients; how exciting! She knows that having a trainer who also specializes in nutrition will only benefit her future clients. Finally, a personal trainer that will treat her clients like people, not paper (money).

Heather was destined to be a fitness professional; no surprise there, look at her. She grew up running cross country and hiking with her family. Her childhood also yielded healthy eating habits. Then, she went to college. Although she only lived on campus for one year before moving back home and commuting, it was long enough to develop unhealthy habits. She went through what she refers to as her "cardio bunny" phase. She did a lot of cardio and used diet pills to combat her guilt for eating baked goods, a recipe for little to no muscle growth. She also attended parties and drank alcoholic beverages on a regular basis. Who can blame her? It was college. At one point she worked for Barcadi (the beverage company) as a promotion model, working on ski slopes. Talk about a cool job. Around 2012-2013, the idea of flexible dieting and lifting weights became more appealing to Heather. At first, it was trial and error; she didn't have a trainer to help her. Just as she started getting into the groove of weightlifting and nutrition, she became pregnant. However, with the support of her husband and pure discipline, she was able to maintain good eating habits and adequate amounts of exercise. After giving birth to her son, she decided to take her physique to the next level and hired a personal trainer. It wasn't long before she decided to consult her trainer about training for her first show; she would be the first female client that he trained for a professional fitness competition. When asked what prompted her to compete she replied, "Bodybuilding is the coolest sport to me because I love being able to essentially design my body, seeing it through each phase of the process is what fascinates me." Seeing the joy that fitness brought Heather, her husband began encouraging her to go back to school to pursue fitness to which Heather responded:

My husband is my biggest supporter. He pushed me to find my passion, go back to school for something I love, and he puts up with my crazy eating habits, long gym hours, and prep. It's important to have emotional support in this industry

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With one semester left, Heather will graduate in the coming months. She is also preparing for her second fitness competition in March 2021. Despite what you may or may not be thinking right now, fitness was and is currently a journey for Heather. It's a journey for everyone. It's lifelong; it never ends if you do it right. It's not just hard work; it's discipline, doing, and eating the same things over-and-over again. There is a saying you won't always be motivated, so you must learn to be disciplined. If you've been waiting for a sign from the fitness gods to start your fitness journey, this is it, "It's never a good time to start, so stop waiting and just jump right in and do it. Failure is how you learn." Wise words from a wise woman who loves doughnuts and the 80's. She's to be trusted; she has good taste.


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