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Workout in Style with Lindy Mei

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If you could create your favorite personal trainer, what qualities would he or she have? I bet a former fashion model wouldn't be the first thing to come to mind. Fashion models get a bad rep for their poor eating habits, but Lindy Mei can assure you that it's all...true, at least in Taiwan, which is one of the benefits of being a certified personal trainer. That was supposed to be funny; You can laugh, it's ok. We know that not all fashion models starve themselves; Some women are just naturally petite, no matter how much they eat. Lindy can relate. Born in Taiwan, Lindy and her mother migrated to America when she was about three years old. Growing up, Lindy was small but mighty. She enjoyed 'running around, climbing shit, jumping off shit, and climbing things' with her friends, who were predominantly boys; She was a tomboy, but that didn't last long because she started modeling part-time around the age of 15. Five years later, Lindy moved back to Taiwan as a full-time model, although that was just one of her jobs. She also attended college, where she learned how to speak Chinese. What was her motivation, you ask? Well, she just wanted to. She woke up one day and decided to master one of the hardest languages in the world because that seems fun, right? It wasn't long before her modeling career took off, working with Reebok and Cosmopolitan Magazine, to name a couple.

Photo by Josh Roush @josh3roush

She moved back to America around 27; She was anywhere from (108-111) lbs. She quickly realized that the beauty standards in America had drastically changed, to which she stated, "When I came back, it was all about ass and hips. It went from Kate Moss to Kim Kardashian, and I was like Woah." With the fear of aging out of the modeling industry looming over her head, like a dark cloud, moving back to America seemed ideal. Although she maintained a certain level of fitness as a full-time model, she decided to take her physique to the next level; So, she stopped modeling and became a certified personal trainer specializing in functional strength. If you don't know what functional strength is, it's the hard kind. Pull-ups, need I say more? Remember, small but mighty. Before she knew it, with strength training and lifting weights, she got up to 125lbs. All muscles, of course. Now I know what you are thinking, 125lbs isn't that heavy. However, gaining weight is more complex to accomplish than losing it. She maintains a daily consumption of 2,300 calories. That's a lot of food, especially when you're vegan, which she is. When asked how she maintains her muscle growth, she stated:

I'm really big on My Fitness Pal; It's a nutrition-tracking app. It automatically counts my macros and trust me, they matter. It's hard to think about my macros from day-to-day. I like to think about them on a weekly basis. Getting enough protein is key; I prefer protein shakes. Sleep is a big one; I like to get (8-9) hours, and not overtraining

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At 30, Lindy is a business owner (heavy-duty glute bands), a certified personal trainer, fluent in Chinese, a former published international fashion model, has transformed her own body, and is ready to help you change yours'. Knowledge is power, and Lindy proves that via her clients' results. Depending on your particular goals, Lindy is certified in functional strength, functional movement screens and corrective exercise levels one and two, pre/postnatal, kettlebell athletics levels one and two, and animal flow level one. Learn more about Lindy and her services at


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