Activly Engaged: Martel Metellus


Martel Metellus Shows Us How to Progress Through the Levels of Fitness

The goal of fitness is similar to that of video games, progress to different levels gaining as much strength and knowledge as you can for as long as you can. When you think about it like that, gamifying fitness, it (fitness) becomes much more enticing. As the fitness industry becomes more inflated, it's proving to be a race of the swift, favoring the most creative and ambitious individuals. Martel Metellus discovered that at a young age, and he isn't showing any signs of stopping anytime soon.

As young as the eighth grade, Martel was: skateboarding, playing basketball, football, track, and playing the piano. His grandfather was responsible for that (the piano). Learning how to play an instrument and read music requires discipline and focus, the same elements needed for athleticism. As Martel grew older, he began to favor basketball; he played in college. After playing for a couple of years, Martel wanted to be more involved in shaping the future of fitness in ways that an athlete couldn't do. He researched training methods and techniques and applied them to his workouts, and then "one summer I [my body] just transformed into a different person." He had reached a new level. That summer, he enrolled in a university program that sent him to San Fransisco (the tech start-up capital in the U.S.). Within six months, he was a certified personal trainer (CPT) at Equinox (one of the top three gyms in the world). He also began modeling, after being persuaded by many random people, once again, unlocking a new level. After completing the entrepreneurship program, he went back to Boston with a plan to combine his knowledge of business and his love for fitness. So he leased a building in the finance district and began training top-level finance executives, one of his clients being the Vice President (VP) of software engineering at Fidelity Investments. He was just 20 years old.

Fast forward three years later, Martel is a CPT, model, and the CEO of Soko, "a social network focused on supporting emerging black creators and professionals." The Beta will launch in Q1 of next year. When asked what technology and fitness have in common, Martel replied, "they are recession-proof; people will always need them." We couldn't agree more.


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