Activly Engaged: Sarah Dorough


Gymnast Turned Fitness Influencer, Sarah Dorough Teaches Us How To KEEP OUR Footing On The Balance Beam Of Life

Photo by Charles Long @@charleslongphotography

When was the last time that you smiled; Like truly smiled, a smile so big that it made someone else smile too? According to the Henry Ford Health System, smiling has multiple medical benefits like reduced blood pressure, increased endurance, reduced pain, and stress, plus it strengthens the immune system. Ironically, adults could benefit from most of the incentives of smiling, yet children tend to smile more. Children smile about 400 times per day as opposed to adults 20. Maybe that's why Sarah works with children. After all, she's always smiling. However, she also works with adults offering handstand lessons. Isn't it funny that something that takes approximately 30 milliseconds to do is something that we rarely make time for? Let that sink in; There are 24 hours in a day, and adults, on average, smile less than once per hour. Maybe we should all work with children. Regardless, Sarah Dorough has made it her mission in life to spread her smile across the globe, one client at a time.

Photo by Charles Long @charleslongphotography

At just 19 years old, Sarah found her passion at a young age. She began practicing gymnastics at age three; With the support of her mother, a former professional ballerina, Sarah quickly excelled through the different levels of gymnastics. By 17, she was a Level X competitor. For those of you who aren't sure what Level X is, it's a step beneath Elite. Qualifying Elite gymnasts have the opportunity to audition for the Olympics. Yes, the Olympics, alongside Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas. That Olympics. However, that same year, Sarah fractured her back. She stopped competing and she wanted to stay active, so she started going to the gym and lifting.' Eventually, she decided to cut. Cutting is when an individual increases his or her lean body mass. It's a process that can take months to achieve to which Sarah responded:

I attempted to cut and discovered that losing weight is very hard. Most people give up too early; I had to take progress pictures and ask myself, how bad do I want it?

After graduating high school, Sarah wanted to join the health and fitness industry somehow. So, she went back to her roots and began coaching gymnastics but that isn't all. Recently, Sarah gained more than 30,000 followers on Instagram. She celebrated by starting her own online coaching business; She also offers her clients unique nutritional advice because fitness isn't her only talent. You can experience customized fitness plans at In her spare time, she likes to volunteer. She also makes goodie bags for the homeless, stores them in her car, and passes them out whenever she stops at a red light. A light, that is what Sarah is. Maybe it's her youthful outlook on life. Maybe it's her smile; It is infectious, or maybe it's just her willingness to help the next person. Whatever it is, the world is Sarah's oyster and she's not letting the tides slow her down.


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