Activly Engaged: Shelley Bishop


In a world full of tone-deaf fitness influencers, Shelley Bishop proves why she's music to our ears

One good thing to come out of 2020 is the influx of fitness influencers. However, not all influencers are created equal. Some take the scenic route, tailoring their pages to perfection, leaving their followers both curious and envious of their lifestyle. Others adopt a more relatable approach, constructing each post like pages in their diaries, sharing things about themselves that resonate with the average person.

Australian-native, Shelley Bishop is one of those influencers.

In August 2018, Shelley experienced her wake-up call after struggling to keep up with the demands of her new job (manager of a large recording studio). As fate would have it, a gym had just opened near her apartment complex, and memberships were free. Serendipity struck again when Shelley's brother convinced her to post a before and after picture on Reddit. Reluctant, she posted one. It received over 10,000 likes overnight. The rest is herstory. When asked about her overnight success Shelley stated, 'I never did this for the profile or the followers. I want to help people.' Now down 45kgs (99.21lbs), Shelley credits everything she knows about fitness to YouTube to which she responded, "find whatever works for you." Don't let her humble persona fool you. Shelley is a star in her own right. Having been interviewed by the DailyMail,, and 10 News First to which she responded:

Every overnight success is years in the making. Don't let my after photos fool you. Losing 45kgs naturally was the hardest and most challenging time of my life. Some people see the overnight success I've had launching this page. What they don't see are the thousands of hours in the gym, the late nights and early mornings, the doubt, the injuries, the blood, the sweat, and the tears (plenty!)

Influencers often get a bad rap for functioning as the new advertising agencies, competing for our attention like a game of tug of war. Your support can translate into currency and your participation fame. Who doesn't want to be rich and famous? When asked what makes her different from other fitness influencers, Shelley stated: "I've been there, which is why I respond to every single message (DM) that I get." It's nice to know that her heart is just as big as her biceps.


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