Activly Engaged: Simon Quiddington


From P.E. Teacher to Personal Trainer, Simon Quiddington gives us 5,000 reasons why he's Australia's Best

Photo by Cory Freeman

Confucius once said, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." According to a Gallup study, Approximately 100 million full-time employees, 51 percent of Americans, are disengaged at work. They tend to perform the bare minimum. About 16 percent of those people are actively disengaged; they resent their jobs. They tend to negatively affect office morale, infecting their co-workers with their perspective. Fitness is an intimate journey, one where you push yourself to limits you didn't even know existed. Not only do you want a knowledgeable trainer, but you should want a passionate trainer. One look at Simon Quiddington and you can tell the passion is there, but his knowledge reveals itself via your results.

Transitioning into a personal trainer was natural for Simon. He grew up playing basketball, supported by his mother who was a local basketball coach. The mother-son duo was well-known within their community. Simon played basketball until about 21 years old, before injuring his lower back; he jumped off a pier into a water hole. However, that didn't stop him. After teaching grade-school physical education (P.E.) for a few years, he decided to become a full-time personal trainer (CPT). Fast forward five years and Simon is recognized as one of Australia's best virtual personal trainers with more than 5,000 successful body transformations. When asked how he maintains his unparalleled-physique he replied:

Photo by Cory Freeman
Hard work over a consistent period of time. You have to learn how to nail consistency and enjoy the process. Change the language. I get after it, and I enjoy it

Although the process can be monotonous at times, Simon can assure you that the results are not. They're the opposite; they're addicting. Simon practices what he preaches. He follows a strict regime consuming 5,000 calories per day, running or walking one hour each morning, eating (2-3) meals for breakfast, doing two hours of weighted exercise, and another hour of weighted exercise or (high-intensity interval training) HIIT. Simon follows this routine six days per week, proving that consistency and nutrition are the only blueprints for change. With so many fitness professionals saying so many different things, giving contrasting nutritional advice, it's hard to decipher facts from paid advertisements. When asked if supplements have nutritional value, Simon stated, "Yes. I tell my clients they are called supplements for a reason. They do just that, supplement your diet. They aren't a substitute for hard work and consistency." As if he wasn't busy enough, Simon became an entrepreneur. With the help of his business partner, Uncensored was born; Uncensored is a supplement line that is scheduled to launch in just a few weeks. You can look for updates on his website at When asked why he named his supplement line uncensored, he said, "That's how you should live life, uncensored. Everyday."

Simon is the LeBron James of personal training, maneuvering past his opponents, he stops at the three-point line to set up the play, throws you the ball for the assist, the clock is running out. You turn around to find your opponents closing in behind you; you shoot! You can hear a pin drop. You score; it's a buzzer-beater! The crowd goes wild! That's the kind of trainer Simon is. He gives you the ball, and it's up to you to score. Although Simon's willing to do just about any and everything to get you the results you crave, it's ultimately up to you. How bad do you want to make that shot? Like LeBron, your preparation for the win starts in the gym, not on the court.


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