Activly Engaged: Victoria Tapp

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From Depression to Inspiration, Victoria Tapp Lightens Life's Load by Gaining Muscle to carry it

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2020 was a hell of a year. If 2020 was a movie, it would be Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events starring Jim Carrey. It tells the tale of three siblings that seem to have inherited misfortune, facing one life-shattering obstacle after another. That's what 2020 was for many of us, one life-shattering obstacle after another. Some of us lost family and friends due to COVID-19 and others experienced being unemployed for the first time in their careers. I think we can all agree that death and financial setbacks can be depressing. These events are referred to as situational depression, stress-related series of events that can cause short-term depression. Jim Carrey once said, "Depression is your mind telling you it's tired of being the character you're trying to play." A film creator, director, and model, Victoria Tapp can relate. It can be difficult to manage your life when you hold so many roles because with roles come invisible scripts. However, when you commit yourself to yourself (i.e your health and wellness), you'll be a box office hit.

Growing up, Victoria was active. Active is an understatement. She played multiple sports: basketball, track and field, and tennis, with the support of her dad, who was a tennis coach. Being active allowed her to maintain her weight until she went to college, where she experienced 'freshman 15.' Two days after obtaining a degree in broadcast media, Victoria ventured to Los Angles to attend film school. She's a woman that knows what she wants. Working long-hours coupled with LA traffic, it was convenient for her to continue practicing poor eating habits. Finally, her body had had enough; She experienced her first panic attack in 2017, unbeknownst to her, to which she stated, "It felt more like a heart attack. I ran outside with my roommate to see if that would help, then I went to the hospital." Little did she know, those panic attacks that felt more like heart attacks would continue every day for the next year. She became anxious about when and where she would experience her next panic attack, 'Would I be in the comfort of my own home, or a sea of strangers?' Her anxiety quickly escalated into depression, so she made an appointment with a psychiatrist that prescribed her medication, "I took the pill one time, and I was out of it. I didn't like it." As a result, she decided to try therapy. Then, a naturopath where she received B12 shots, "therapy turned into a need and want to workout. So, I got a trainer." After receiving a job offer in Maryland, where she is from, Victoria linked back up with her childhood friend turned professional basketball player. After working out with him, he suggested that she become a certified personal trainer (CPT), so she did. Becoming a CPT gave Victoria her third job. Due to an influx of clients, as a CPT, Victoria decided to create Fit With Vic. As a CPT, there is an unspoken pressure that often goes unseen, the pressure to look fit. CPT's are always trying to appear in shape to the average individual; Their bodies are their resumes. With business booming, Victoria lost a lot of weight within six months, "I was trying to imitate Eurocentric beauty standards." Finally, she concluded that:

I was focusing on the wrong thing, my body. I realized that I'm not trying to be a bodybuilder or a bikini competitor, so why am I training like it? I'm not about to compromise my happiness. Like today, I ate a brownie and that's ok. I'm ok

Now, at 28, Victoria's main focus is to be healthy, remain active, and challenge herself to be the best that she can be. She instills the same principles in her clients as well. She's survived the depths of depression, something that plagues more than 264 million people worldwide. With grit and a reliable support system, Victoria is living proof that everyone's life is a series of events. Whether those events are fortunate or unfortunate is up to the director, you.


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